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Fenix Rojo
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icon1 Mandy Harvey - Try - el 17/9/2017, 3:15 pm

Mandy Harvey - Try

Mandy Harvey


I don't feel the way I used to
The sky is gray much more than it is blue
But I know one day ill get through
And ill take my place again

If I would try
If I would Try
And there is no one for me to blame
Cause I know the only thing in my way is me

I don't live the way I want to
That whole picture never came into view
But I'm tired of getting used to the day

So I will Try
So I will try
If I would try
If I would try

"...La vida es corta pero,
El talento y el alma inmortal..."

Mandy Harvey - Try  Ubvol

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