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icon1 Audition PVS - Season 4 - el 29/3/2013, 7:29 pm

Beat up 6 songs.
BBC blog 4 tracks.
Two Party 7 Music.
Bam Bam Music Space 2.
Five guitar tracks.
Rythmholic 2 songs.
New Avatar.
New Pet.
New Face.
New Deco.
New Guitar.
New Couple Garden Item.
New Couple Avatar & Ring & Couple Licencet.

New Mode!

Modes, get a chance to win. Mode and the new one is here. You can learn how to play here.

New System!

Makeup Room to view more description here.

New Features!

Sale Price DEN functions are described further here.

The wedding was the first of three heart I can see a description here.

Honey Bee items are described here.

Mission Icon Mark icon at the completion of your Mission.

The money modifying Cash read a statement here.

This is a full update. I miss my friends. Update March 23, 2556 in preparation for this.

Source: Audition PVS New update patch 6191-92 (BIG Surprise Update).

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